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Probiotics for Your Soil

We at A1 Microbes believe everything starts with the soil, including the prosperity of you and your family. That is why we endeavor, each day, to provide our customers with high-quality microbial products. These microbes will promote a healthier soil, giving you a more productive, healthier bottom-line to your operation

Our products contain a complimentary blend of biotechnology that restores soil that has been damaged by overuse of chemical fertilizers which build-up in the soil.

Highly Concentrated, Commercial Grade of Super Vigorous Strains of Microbes

The United States Department of Agriculture has determined that only 7% of the chemical fertilizers applied to crops are utilized by the plants, while the remaining 93% becomes "locked up" as insoluable inorganic salts. This build-up of insoluable chemicals is one of the main factors that cause soil to become poor and less able to support healthy plant growth. While these salts cannot be absorbed by the crops, they can be released by run-off caused by heavy rains into adjacent rivers and lakes. Satellite photos show increasing dead zones in regions of the world where major rivers empty into the ocean.
Chemical accumulation causes the natural soil biological activity to decline, thus further reducing soil viability. Soil biological activity is necessary to convert organic and inorganic material into a bio-available form that the plant can use in order to grow and bear fruit. In addition, herbicides and pesticides can accumulate in the soil further damaging the natural soil biological community.

Modern Soil Biology

"...and on the eighth day GOD created a Farmer."


- Paul Harvey

Organic Biotechnology

The biotechnology contained in Soil REstore will break down inorganic salts into bio-available nutrients that can be utilized by plants. By-products of this breakdown such as fatty acids and humates further stimulate plant growth and overall vigor.

Super Soil Booster products will speed the breakdown of dead organic material such as carbohydrates, proteins, etc. converting them into soluable forms of nitrogen and phosphorus. In addition, Soil REstore products will overgrow or competitively inhibit harmful pathogenic biology that may be present in the soil.
Continued or seasonal use of Soil REstore products will restore depleted or damaged soil and greatly reduce the quantity of chemical fertilizer necessary in any type of vegetation growing operation.

Super Soil Booster products also contain biotechnology that will break down low levels of harmful toxins such as unspent herbicides, glyphosate, atrazine, and similar compounds and phosphate-based pesticides in the soil as well as other pollutants that could be contained in irrigation water. These toxic substances are broken down into harmless fatty acids, CO2, and water. This process releases more beneficial nutrients (NPK plus trace elements) to insure a healthy vigorous plant.


"For the past three years, I have been using this product on both my ranches in Vina and Susanvalle, California with great results. I have received superior gains on my cattle and have thicker, more stress tolerant pastures."


— Darrell Wood, President and Cofounder of Panorama Meats

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