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Proven Results

Folks across the country have used our products and had tremendous results.

Please take time to see our proven results on crops and pastures.



Soybeans untreated vs treated with Soil REstore

TLC Ranch Cattle 8-20-11

TLC Ranch Cattle 8-20-11

Montana Pasture treated with Soil REstore

Test Results with “Thicker Pasture” (Now Soil REstore)

University of California, Alderson Dairy, 2012

We looked at the effects of the addition of a Thicker Pasture formulation of microbes marketed through the Thicker Pasture Company. The intent of the project was to look at the effects of the microbe product on pasture production and species composition. We also evaluated the Thicker Pasture product in conjunction with and without fertilizer. We use ammonium phosphate sulfate (16-20-0-13) and ammonium sulfate (21-0-0-24) as fertilizer sources. Both fertilizers were applied at 200 pounds per acre. 

"For the past three years, I have been using this product on both my ranches in Vina and Susanvalle, California with great results. I have received superior gains on my cattle and have thicker, more stress tolerant pastures."


— Darrell Wood, President and Cofounder of Panorama Meats

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