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It’s All About a Healthier Horse!

Your Horses and Pasture Are Only as
Healthy as Your Soil Will Allow


We know a healthy horse starts with the best feed available for your horses.  We believe that starts with healthy soil.  Our specially blended microbes will bring your soil into the best balance and health it can be. Your pastures and hay fields will be in the best shape they can be giving your horses high quality feed.  Thicker Horse Pasture is all-natural  and safe to use with your animals. It is our desire to bring you an economical, safe, high-quality solution to feeding your horses. Our super vigorous strains of microbes will go into your soil and work around the clock so you can get to more important things in life like family, friends and oh yeah, spending time with your horse.

"With Thicker Horse Pasture, we're seeing a stronger, helthier plant for less money and that's going to make a better horse. Give it a try!"


— Tyler Magnus, Champion Team Roper & ProHorse Trainer, RFDTV

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